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Do You Know the ABCs of Health Care?

Each one of us arrives at that time in our lives when we truly understand that being in good health is extremely important.  This realization can arrive at any time; in fact, this understanding of the significance of good health seems to vary for everyone and really does depend on various life factors.

For many people it’s often avoided for years, never really thought about much until a negative health-related event occurs.  Others may begin their own personal-health evaluations once a particular birthday milestone has been reached – a time when they accept that they need to make some changes because they aren’t getting any younger.  And some of us will realize how important good health is when we witness other individuals who unfortunately don’t have it.

We all wish for good health, but oftentimes find that we have a slight bit of trouble focusing on exactly what to do in order to achieve it.  You matter to me, and for that reason alone I have compiled a list to help you succeed at acquiring good health by living a healthier lifestyle.  This list, “The ABC’s of a Healthier Lifestyle,” is a fun way to help you focus on exactly what you can do to obtain good health in alphabetical order!  Like I said, the list is meant to be fun, just as enjoyable as achieving good health and relishing the moment when the letter “Z” is celebrated, woo hoo!

  • ACCEPT that it is time to begin living a healthy lifestyle.
  • BELIEVE in yourself, you can do this!
  • CONTROL daily CALORIE intake.
  • DIET MYTHS will NOT bring long term weight loss success.
  • FOCUS and have FAITH.
  • GOALS are attainable!
  • HEALTHY HABITS are formed in only 21 days.
  • IMAGINE yourself thin – it really works!
  • JOY – You deserve it and don’t think otherwise!
  • KICK your exercise routine up a notch!
  • LONG HEALTHY  LIFE – strive for it!
  • MOTIVATION – Remind yourself “why” you mustlive a healthier lifestyle.
  • NO is a powerful word.  Use it!
  • OPT to end the obese life once and for all!
  • PATIENCE is part of any weight loss goal.
  • QUIT procrastinating – no more waiting to become healthier… now is the time!
  • READY, set, go ~ continue to tell yourself  “I will succeed!”
  • STRIVE to stride 3,000 non-stop brisk steps daily in comfortable walking shoes.
  • TAKE TIME daily for you (if you don’t, who will?)
  • UNCONTROLLABLE laughter is great for the heart!
  • VARIOUS health benefits derived from daily tea & coffee consumption.
  • X-TRA healthy eating makes sense in several ways!
  • YOU deserve to be on top of the priority list!
  • ZIP up your jeans with ease, a result you gain from following this list!

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